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MIA - ATL Road Trip Warehouse Tour - 1,000,000 SF Warehouses

Touring warehouses is a great passion for me. It’s always interesting to see what type of businesses operate in these facilities. How all these connect with each other and with our everyday lives. From simple food distribution to high-tech aviation manufacturing. So, when I had the opportunity of taking a road trip from Atlanta, Georgia to Miami, Florida, I thought it would be an amazing experience to stop by warehouses over

1,000,000 SF on the way down. Georgia is a big distribution hub and facilities of this size are very common in this market.

After I got the idea, I did a search for warehouses over 1,000,000 SF, from Atlanta to Miami. There were dozens of properties, mostly in Georgia. As much as I wish to visit them all, there was not enough time. 13 properties made the final list, including the ones close to Atlanta International Airport, I-75, Florida Turnpike, and I-95. From the 13, I was able to stop by 10; it got late on day one and couldn’t stop at 3, around Ocala

FL. However, I mentioned them in the Video since these are important distribution buildings.

In less than 24 hours, I had the opportunity of driving by over 17 million square feet of warehouses, in two states. Started the journey at a large UPS facility on 1100 Fulton Industrial Blvd NW in Atlanta. This warehouse is a massive 1,200,000 SF on 105 acres. Ended the journey in our home market, Miami. At 3300 NW 123rd St Miami, FL. This is a Winn Dixie distribution facility with 961,345SF on 58 acres. The largest warehouse we stopped by was the JC Penney distribution facility in Atlanta. 5500 S Expy Forest Park, GA. 2,342,900SF warehouse on 106 Acres.

I made a list of the 13 properties along with sizes and the company occupying it. This group is just a sample of the massive amount of warehouse space that exists in this route. All of them vital to support the large populations and business in these two states and beyond.

Trip was a great learning experience. Here are some interesting things I noted and learned:

a. Chick Fil A has nice restaurants in Atlanta.

b. After Atlanta, except Macon, there are no large towns until getting to North of Gainesville, FL.

c. It’s easy to find warehouses over 1,000,000 SF around Atlanta. Much harder as we get to South Florida. Logistical location and availability of land are different.

d. I didn’t see many Tesla’s on I-75 after Atlanta, until I got close to South Florida. Probably not enough infrastructure to charge these cars.

Population continues to grow in the Southeast part of the country which translates into more demand for goods that need warehouses. It’s likely there will be more of these large distribution buildings built along these routes in the coming years.

Thanks for following along this journey. Please check and subscribe to our YouTube channel (@EdisonIndustrial) to see the video with all these properties. Also, follow our social media channels. See you on the next trip!

To view the properties toured with location and details please download ⬇️

1M SF Warehouses Road Trip Locations
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