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Industrial Real Estate! Industrial Real Estate! Fortunate to help our clients on the Leasing and Sales of Industrial Properties. Love to bring market updates and research about Industrial Real Estate in South Florida and across the country. Thanks for following up. Please subscribe to stay up to date and we'd love it if you shared our channel!

How a Lease can Damage the Value of a Building?  | Industrial Real Estate
Why We Are So Persistent For You? | Industrial Real Estate

Why We Are So Persistent For You? | Industrial Real Estate

Finding the right space takes time and LOTS of efforts. We see Tenants and Buyers miss out on deals because they underestimate the amount of energy needed. That’s why we are persistent on our deals. Having the right broker can make a difference between getting and losing a deal. for example: - A building is 20,000SF at $1.5M. - We stopped by the ideal client and there was no interest. stopped again, no interest and did the same for months. - We ended up leasing the property to different client. - When we revisited the first client he deeply regretted not buying as the property is now worth $6 - $7M today. We are persistent not because we want to close the deal, but because we don’t want YOU as a client to miss out on any opportunities! Avoid missing out on great deals, get in touch and click the links below: If you own an Industrial property ➡️ If you are leasing an Industrial property? ➡️ Looking to buy Industrial Real Estate? ➡️ Thanks for following us. We are fortunate to help our clients with searching and negotiating lease on warehouse space. Visit us at For more information about Industrial Real estate please visit: For more videos: Get in touch with me: LinkedIn: Edison Vasquez PA Instagram: @edisonindustrial Facebook: @edisonindustrial Twitter: @edisoncre
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