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Launch of South Florida Perishable Number by WorldCity

This past August 21st, 2015, WorldCity hosted their annual Trade Connections event dedicated to the trade of Perishables in South Florida. WorldCity is the leader for source of trade statistic here in South Florida. This event featured four influential panelist related to the Perishable Market in South Florida: Brett Penfield from DHL Global Forwarding, Peter Hill from Alpine Fresh, Chris Scott from Flagler Global Logistics and Jeronimo Jailler from The Elite Flower.

The panelists discussed the importance of Miami for the Trade of Perishables in the United States. For Example, Miami is the main port of entrance for Imports of Flowers from South America. During 2014, the volume of imported flowers were about $1 Billion. Additionally, Miami is the number 1 Port for Imports of fish fillets, chilled or frozen. Last year, Miami experienced a volume $1.42 Billion in fish imports; above Los Angeles and New York.

The 2015 book of perishables by WorldCity is filled with data and statistics from all the main imports and exports. According to WorldCity, the trade of perishables in the United States is around $382.01 Billion. The tables shown summarizes the top 10 perishable imports and exports featured in the 2015 Trade Numbers Edition:



U.S. Perishable Exports

Total Trade (Billions)

1 Medicine


2 Soybeans


3 Plasma, Vaccines, Blood


4 Corn


5 Wheat


6 Almonds, Pistachios, Other Nuts


7 Prepared Foods, Beverages


8 Chicken, Fresh, Chilled, Frozen


9 Pork


10 Makeup & Skincare




U.S. Perishable Imports

Total Trade (Billions)

1 Medicine


2 Plasma, Vaccines, Blood


3 Frozen Shrimp, Crab, Other


4 Whiskey, Vodka, Other Liquors


5 Coffee


6 Wine


7 Fish Fillets, Chilled or Frozen


8 Beer


9 Nitrogen Based Fertilizers


10 Makeup & Skincare Products


For more information, you can visit or call WorldCity directly at 305-441-2244. Additionally, for up to date trade numbers, visit

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