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How the CCIM Designation Benefits Clients

You’ve probably seen the CCIM around if you are in commercial real estate. You might have also seen it in our marketing. What is it and how does it benefit clients and brokers?

CCIM stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member. It’s a prestigious designation awarded to commercial real estate agents nationwide and around the world. The CCIM designation is earned through CCIM Institute. It follows an education and experience path. To obtain the designation, candidates must show their experience, education, and ethics in commercial real estate. In the process, professionals are required to take an exam that tests all the knowledge from the CCIM curriculum.

CCIM Members represent an elite group of agents in commercial real estate field, including industrial real estate. They have proven expertise in financial, market, and investment analysis, in addition to negotiation.

One of the best benefits of CCIM is its global reach. The CCIM designation offers access to a network of commercial agents nationally and globally. All of these agents follow the good, ethical practices and excellence in service.

For clients and businesses, hiring a CCIM designee offers the assurance that they are working with an expert agent who has extensive experience and reputation in the specific commercial real estate field.

In our team, we are proud to have 4 active CCIM Members. We are ready to assist users and investors of Industrial Real Estate in the Lease and Sales Warehouse space. You can contact us with any questions about CCIM or Industrial Real Estate.

For full details about CCIM, you can visit the CCIM website at

The Industrial Team at ComReal stay up to date with current trends on the market. Thanks for following us. We are happy to assist businesses and owners in the leasing and sales of Industrial Properties. You can contact us at 786-433-2380.


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