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City of Doral Commercial Property Compliance and Strategies

The Code Compliance Department at the City of Doral hosted a workshop for commercial property owners this month. The objective was to guide owner and businesses to conform with regulations and zoning. The officers reminded participants the city is open and glad to help with any questions. The Code Compliance Department can be reached at 305-593-6680. The topic included in this workshop were:

  • Property Maintenance

  • Signs on Property

  • Occupational License/Certificate of Use

  • Business Advertising

  • Building Permits

  • Dumpster Regulation

In the presentation, the officers provided some checklist items to helps property managers and landlord to ensure businesses are compliant. The items to consider are:

  • Ensure the business is register with the State of Florida (

  • Check to see if the business needs a state license. Contact the Licensing department at 305-593-6631. Also check out these agencies:

  • Healthcare related business will require AHCA license.

  • Ensure the space to be rented is ready for fire inspection. Working exit sign, emergency lights, fire extinguisher up to date, etc.

  • Certificate of Use if required even if it’s a non-profit or tax exempt business.

  • Provide all necessary applications to tenant with Welcome Packet.

  • If the business is going to require the storage of material outside, check with the City of Coral zoning department.

  • Ensure the parking are is sufficient for the business capacity.

This checklist will help landlords and business to avoid fines and delays in opening the business. For the complete presentation provided at the workshop, please follow the links below:

Doral Commercial Property Compliance and Strategies Presentation

Additionally, below are the links to applications for Certificate of Use and Local Business Tax Receipt. The City of Doral can be contacted at 305-593-6725

Business Tax Receipt – City of Doral


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